little science, a little history, and a little fish named Rippler. See the Kansas (Kaw) River through the eyes of a young and timid blue catfish. He dodges Stinky and Slimy, two bullying channel cats and befriends the biggest cat in the Kaw - a flathead known as "King Catfish." Read the story and learn some more about the real catfish, the places they live, and the people who know them. There's even an authentic Kaw Valley recipe for catfish cookies.
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Author Barbara Higgins-Dover
Illustrator Gabrielle Iversen
River Roots Editor Alison Reber
Lawrence, Kansas 2007
ISBN 0-9790209-0-5

River Roots books are productions of the Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance.

Catfish Cookies is beautifully illustrated using original watercolor paintings. Among other things, the book includes a piece about making peanut butter cookies with catfish rennet. An underwater short story about a young blue cat, a pair of channel cat bullies, and a royal flathead is augmented by several environmental history pieces.

While Catfish Cookies is general enough to be any river in the Midwest, the Kansas (Kaw) River below Bowersock Dam sets the scene. This area has a rich fishing history yet is also a place people often associate with river pollution.

Catfish Cookies compliments a river history exhibit at the University of Kansas' Dyche Natural History Museum, and is being used as a spring board for discussion about river protection. By design the book gives readers a way to connect abstract concepts like self-determination and heritage alongside community and environmental awareness.


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River Roots books use a blend of storytelling techniques to help people interpret the river in many different contexts, including past, present, and future. With a children’s book format, the series intertwines common experiences with cultural and natural history and has multi-generational appeal.

-Alison Reber, Developmental Editor, River Roots series

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